Claudinho dreams of winning the Champions League with Zenit

Zenit midfielder Claudinho in an interview with SE spoke about his career goals. He stressed that he intends to go with the Brazilian national team to the World Cup and achieve the highest goals with blue-white-blue.

– Who do you live with in St. Petersburg? Will the parents come to Russia in the near future – maybe for the Champions League? – Claudinho’s question.

– Yes, I really hope so! Dad came with me to the presentation, after which he returned to Brazil. Now my sister and my friend live here with me.

– In Russia, after the presentation, they began to compare you with The Weeknd. Do you like this comparison?

– The presentation was very cool, and, of course, I am pleased that we are compared with him – we are really similar. All my friends and family noted this.

– What is your dream in life and in your career?

– Everything that I live now is the fulfillment of my dream. He dreamed of becoming the best player in the Brazilian championship and the Olympic champion – he did it. I dreamed of playing in the Champions League – I’m doing it right now. God willing, I will win the Champions League with Zenit and go with the Brazilian national team to the World Cup.

Zenit lost 0-1 to Chelsea in the first match of the 2021/22 UEFA Champions League group stage. Today, September 29, the team from St. Petersburg will play the second round against Malmo. The beginning is at 19.45 (Moscow time).

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