“It’s easier for Dziuba to merge than to come and try to regain his former position.” PR manager explained the striker’s attitude towards the national team

Well-known football PR manager Elena Bolotova expressed her opinion about the conflict between the head coach of the Russian national team Valery Karpin and Zenit striker Artem Dzyuba.

– What do you think about the history of the relationship between Dziuba and Karpin? No chance of settling the conflict?

– Dziuba after the World Cup is used to being number one, God. And first of all, because Cherchesov provided such support to him – Artem went to the national team, knowing that he would always come out at the start, – Sport24 quotes Bolotova.

It is very difficult to leave the pedestal. When Karpin hands over the captain’s armband to different players, when his rival Smolov is in great shape, Artyom, it seems to me, simply has no confidence that he will be the leader again. That will play and play constantly. Plus, he is such a person that it is easier for postheaven.net him to give up competition – roughly speaking, to merge than to come and try to regain his former position.

– His refusal to come to the national team in October – an image failure?

– Rather, an indicator of human qualities. Such is the state of mind – if I come, I must be the captain. This is from lack of confidence in himself and in what awaits him. But when, at a critical moment for the team, personal ambitions outweigh – after all the words about patriotism and love for the country – it looks ridiculous. He used to say that every footballer dreams of playing for the national team, and “the anthem and honor are not empty words.” We now see the truth. Sad, what can I say?

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