Sirotkin believes that Verstappen has more chances to become the champion of Formula 1 in the 2021 season

SMP Racing pilot, web site ex-Formula 1 racer Sergey Sirotkin shared his opinion on the fight between Max Verstappen from Red Bull and Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes for the championship this season.

“I think there are a little more chances to win against Max. On most trails, on most conditions, most sets of tires, the Red Bull looks faster than the Mercedes. It should be understood that after 15 stages, which is 2/3 of the season, the difference between the leaders is only two points. That is, their struggle begins with a clean slate, but the cost of a mistake has grown significantly. If at the beginning of the season, having lost a lot of points, you could confidently say that there is still a lot of time and we will definitely win back, now you cannot count on this.

It seems to me that the fate of the title will not be decided by the exchange of positions: the first is the second, the second is the first. On this, few points are recouped. They go like this all season. And the champion will be determined in a situation when someone makes a mistake, an accident occurs, a technical retirement. A huge number of points can be lost on this, “Izvestia quoted Sirotkin as saying.

Hamilton won his 100th Formula 1 victory at the Russian Grand Prix. He has 246.5 points and first place in the individual competition. Verstappen scored 244.5 points and is in second place.

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